Andrew Marshall

Will initially assisted in a weight reduction of 10 kg and 12.5cm waist in 12 weeks and have since continued to successfully reach goals set each time and enjoy the time achieving them. Before seeing Will I was only able to lift around 5kg without pain and now can lift around 40kg. I feel less stressed, fitter and healthier. My friends have noticed the changes in appearance and mood.

Will provides great advice and the various services provided are complementary to each other. His down to earth approach is great and he works within your needs and limits without question. His knowledge is outstanding and others referred to him have said they know what he is doing and have found his attitude refreshing.

Raewyn Ricketts

Personal Training, Nutrition & Naturopathy Client

Raewyn Ricketts

In November 2018 I was not in a good space.  I was overweight, unmotivated, depressed, drinking alcohol on a regular basis and had no goals or ambitions to work towards.  I decided to take action and take up personal training with Will at Radiant Energy. I initially went to two PT training sessions a week and adjusted my diet under William's nutritional guidance.  When I started training with William on 3 November 2018 I was 75.9kgs.  I initially reached my first 12 week goal of losing 10kg and continued to keep losing excess weight until I recently weighed in at 60.7kg -- over 15kgs of excess weight has now gone from my body and I really don't know how I coped carrying around that much weight.  I feel my whole health and wellbeing has been positively uplifted since starting to work with Will at Radiant Energy.

Life is very different for me now.  I am a healthy weight averaging between 60 - 61kg, (a whole 15kg lighter than when I started working with Radiant Energy last November).  I can honestly say I have maintained my weight loss and cannot and will not go back to my old way of living/existing.  I eat a more healthy diet with Radiant Energy's nutritional advice and try to incorporate my own exercise in between personal training sessions. 

I was also extremely happy to find out from my specialist recently that my liver health has improved 100% since I started working at my fitness, overall health and diet with Radiant Energy. I feel so light on my feet now I can walk for miles, I even ran the recent Daylight to Darkness Domestic Violence Run this year, running 10km in under an hour! 


Now I have reached my original goals, I am setting new ones with Will all the time and we are starting to smash them out of the park too!  Goals are the best thing - something to work towards and take pride when you reach them.

Raewyn Ricketts

Personal Training, Nutrition & Naturopathy Client

Aaron Vass

My experience of the services offered at Radiant Energy Health & Healing have been rewarding and uplifting to say the least.

Wills person centered approach left me feeling safe and secure while being able to focus on the challenge of improving my overall health and well-being mentally, physically and spiritually.

I would not hesitate to make a recommendation to anybody who is looking to improve their health and well-being.

Raewyn Ricketts

Personal Training, Nutrition & Naturopathy Client




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