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Will Gardiner is the Founder of Radiant Energy Health & Healing, and lead Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.


Will’s goal when helping someone is to take a long term common sense approach to health, to work with the whole person (body, mind, soul), looking to find and treat the true cause of the health problem while also addressing current issues to achieve full systemic health, as opposed to only treating symptoms. Any dis-ease is just the body communicating to us something we need to change in ourselves and/or our life, and a good practitioner helps us to interpret the bodies signals, give us clarity of a larger picture of what may be going on and facilitate positive lasting change. Will believes the body is a miraculous organism completely able to self heal from any health problem given the right opportunity.

Will continually strives to update his knowledge as a health professional by reading, attending health lectures, seminars, sitting short courses, completing additional university subjects in nutrition, as well as practicing the principles of nutritional medicine in his own life.